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2016 Super Bowl odds: Arizona Cardinals in the mix for wagering on next year's champions

Is 33/1 to high at this point?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

With the Super Bowl done, people are already looking ahead to Super Bowl 50, the one that will be played in 2016 at Levi's Stadium.

While Bruce Arians has said to "write it down now" that the Arizona Cardinals will be playing in the next Super Bowl, Vegas does not think they are the favorites to win it all next year. That doesn't mean they aren't at least in the mix, though.

According to Bovada, the Seattle Seahawks are the odds-on favorites to win Super bowl 50 with 5/1 odds. The current world champs, the New England Patriots, come in second at 7/1.

Arizona comes in 11th at 33/1, tied with the Baltimore Ravens and Detroit Lions.

If you are the type to place a wage or two, Now might be the time to drop some money on the Cardinals. If you trust Bruce Arians, this will pay out nicely, and if the team starts the season like it did this past year, those odds will only get better, meaning less of a payout.

Who has the longest odds to be next year's champs? The Oakland Raiders and Jacksonville Jaguars, both at 200/1.