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Bruce Arians says WR Mike Wallace was 'fun to coach'

The speedy wideout might be out in Miami. Could he land in AZ?

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

This isn't a rumor. It is just something Bruce Arians said. Read what you want into it. But it does have to do with a speedy receiver who was once coached by Arians and had great success him.

That would be receiver Mike Wallace.

ESPN's Mike Sando wrote an Insider piece on the 10 biggest questions for this upcoming offseason. Number eight was whether Mike Wallace is done in Miami or not.

He has not been great in Miami and he costs a lot (his cap hit is more than $12 million).

Sando shared a quote by Arians, one he said nearly two years ago about Wallace, who earned his big contract for his performance while a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers, where Arians was offensive coordinator at the time.

Here is what Arians said back in 2013:

"He is fun to coach. He brings a lot of energy, a great smile to work every day. Great in the locker room, great practice habits and obviously he can bust it open on game day at any given moment. It was fun. We changed our game a little bit about routes because of his speed. Instead of running vertical routes, we ran a lot of diagonals from one corner to the other corner because he could get there. It was fun putting pressure on defenses with his speed. He didn't have to go deep to catch it. He could take the short ball and got so much better at taking the screens or the quick passes and taking them to the house."

Now...what if Wallace is released? You know Arians can't resist speed. He said he is fun to coach.

Could he be a target, especially if the team ends up cutting ties with Larry Fitzgerald?