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Big Red Trivia Challenge (First Edition)

How well do you know your Cardinals trivia? Or do you feel like learning a few fun facts about your team's history?

With the off-season officially underway and still a ways before the draft, let's fill in some time with a little Cardinals trivia on a throw-back Thursday, shall we?  Keep track of how many questions you can answer then compare notes with others when you're done.

1) Which is older? The Cardinals or the State of Arizona?

2) What Hall of Famer and Cardinals Ring of Honor member still holds the NFL record for most points scored in a single game?  And how many points did he score?

3) What future Hall of Fame running back was traded by the Cardinals to the Los Angeles Rams in exchange for nine players?

4) What year did the Cardinals logo first appear on the side of the player's helmets?

5) What quarterback did the Cardinals select in the first round of the 1965 NFL draft?

6) How many quarterback sacks did the Big Red offensive line allow during the 1975 season?

7) How many Cardinals offensive players were elected by their peers to the 1976 NFL Pro Bowl?

8) Who was the very first winner of the George S. Halas trophy for NFL Defensive Player of the Year?

9) How many players rushed for 8,000 or more yards during their Cardinal career?

10) Name the player (and the uniform number he wore that year) of the last Cardinal to record a touchdown reception and an interception in the same game.

Bonus Question)  What is former Cardinals great 'Stump' Mitchell's real first name?

The questions are repeated below in the comment section — just use the reply button to answer any unanswered question (or question you feel was answered incorrectly), and please feel free to embellish your answers.

But here's the deal — please limit your 'answers' to only one question (per day) so others may participate as well.

Never hesitate to comment on a correct answer you see though and then keep coming back for the answers you didn't know.  I'll be checking and validating the correct answers and will also post a complete summary of the answers next week.

So have fun and have at it Cardinals fans!