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Carson Palmer salary now guaranteed

But we knew that was going to be the case.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals know they will need tot move on from Carson Palmer at quarterback at some point, but they can't get rid of him now.

On Friday, February 6, Palmer's $1 million salary and $9.5 million roster bonus due to him in March became fully guaranteed.

When he signed his contract extension back in November, his 2015 money was guaranteed for injury. Just his luck, he was injured the very next game and tore his ACL.

There was really no doubt the Cardinals were going to keep him around in 2015 anyway, but now the team is financially committed to him.

Palmer is ahead of schedule in his rehabilitation and head coach Bruce Arians says Palmer could be back as early as OTAs. Of course, the fact he is a quarterback makes a difference because they can't be touched in workouts so they can come back more quickly to practices.