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NFL power rankings: Arizona Cardinals end season high on list

How did the Cardinals make it so high after such an ending to the season?

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The season is over, so how are there power rankings?

Well, it seems Elliot Harrison from put together a ranking of all 32 NFL teams based on the 2014 season and with some consideration for the 2015 season moving forward.

As you can expect, the New England Patriots were at the top of the list, followed by the Seattle Seahawks, as this only makes sense. They both were in the Super Bowl and the Pats came away with the victory.

However, in what can only be seen as a surprise, Harrison ranks the Arizona Cardinals much higher that you would expect -- he has them seventh overall.

Thought it classy that Bruce Arians so prominently mentioned Todd Bowles in the acceptance speech for his second AP Coach of the Year award in three seasons. Arizona's high rank here is reflective of my immense respect for Captain Kangol, as well as the fact that the spring of 2015 will bring this club something vitally important that has nothing to do with the draft or free agency: HEALTH. I think all of us are a little curious how formidable the Cardinals can be in the NFC if they don't have to play with one arm tied behind their back.

We all know the Cardinals ran out of gas late in the season after both Carson Palmer and Drew Stanton went down with injuries. While head coach Bruce Arians refuses to think about "what if," that's all fans have to go on.

The offseason does have a lot of questions for the Cardinals, but like this ranking, it's hard not to be optimistic for Arizona.

Is seventh high or low for the Cardinals, or is it just right?