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NFL free agents: Will John Abraham return in 2015, and should he?

The pass rusher might give the NFL one final shot.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

One of the early disappointments the Arizona Cardinals suffered last season was John Abraham. He didn't participate in voluntary workouts, he was sick in mini-camp and then missed three weeks of training camp after entering rehab, which came on the heels of an arrest in Georgia for DUI.

That wasn't all. He suffered a concussion in Week 1, contemplated retirement, decided not to retire and then was placed on injured reserve.

Abraham will be a free agent when the new league year starts, but his future is unknown.

There are real concerns about his health. He suffered the concussion in September, but he also was reportedly suffering severe headaches and memory loss for the year prior to the injury. The concussion was serious enough he was placed on injured reserve after  Week 1.

Nonetheless, it appears Abraham wants to keep playing.

He tweeted back in December he thinks he has one good year left. He posed the question to his fans via Twitter whether he should play another year.

He also tweeted the same day he doesn't believe he is worthy of the Hall of Fame because he never won a championship. So there is motivation for him to return.

Entering last season, he had big goals. As an extreme goal, he said he wanted 20 sacks. More reasonable was a very important goal for him -- getting into the top five all time in sacks. With 133.5 for his career, it would take eight to tie Michael Strahan for fifth in NFL history.

Combine that with feeling he needs a ring to get into the Pro Football Hall of Fame and you can see why he would return.

According to reporter Mike Jurecki, Abraham is 50/50 on returning, but has been working out. He also notes it is very early right now to know. When he signed a two-year contract with the Cardinals in 2013, it was on the first day of training camp.

Arizona has championship aspirations in 2015. They need pass rushing help. Abraham showed in 2013 he wasn't washed up, logging 11.5 sacks and a Pro Bowl appearance. He wants a ring. The team stood by him and supported him during his personal challenges in the summer.

The question now is, should Abraham wish to play again, should the Cardinals bring him back for one more shot? Their leader in sacks in 2014 was Alex Okafor with eight and really nothing else off the edge. How about a pairing of Okafor and Abraham?

Should Arizona consider Abraham if he wants to continue his NFL career?