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Could the Arizona Cardinals really be targeting Adrian Peterson?

The team keeps coming up.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

At first, it seemed like just a little bit of speculation by a local reporter. Kent Somers, perhaps the best guy on the Arizona Cardinals beat, said Adrian Peterson might be a guy the team goes after if he were to become available.

It doesn't seem to be just one reporter's thoughts now.

When the Adrian Peterson situation comes up, the Cardinals come up. Former NFL head coach and current ESPN analyst Herm Edwards mentioned he believed Peterson could be a Cardinal in 2015.

A recent report, which quoted Peterson's father, also points to the Cardinals. He has heard rumors of the Cardinals, the Colts and the Cowboys.

"Arizona had the opportunity to draft him and they didn't,'' said Nelson Peterson. "They had an opportunity to take him in 2007 with the No. 4 pick and they went and picked Levi Brown. If they would have taken Adrian Peterson, then (quarterback) Kurth Warner would probably still be playing and they probably would have numerous Super Bowls. "Can you imagine (Peterson) with Kurt Warner and with (wide receiver and Minneapolis native) Larry Fitzgerald in his prime? Oh, man, Arizona would probably have a couple of Super Bowls by now".

Is this a reality? Could the Cardinals go after a 30-year old back? They have done it before, but with less than ideal results. They brought in Emmitt Smith at the end of his career to sell tickets and also made a splash with Edgerrin James. James put up numbers, but really wasn't that impactful.

Some believe Peterson, while older, still has a lot to offer. Shaun Church breaks down the guys above Peterson on the all-time rushing yards list and how they did after age 30.

The running game could use a huge boost. Peterson would be a great way to do that.

Could the Cardinals really be in play? Will they have the money? Should they even go after him with his age and recent issues?