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Adrian Peterson's top option is still Arizona Cardinals, team could acquire RB for pair of mid-round picks

Yahoo! Sports' Charles Robinson elaborates.

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

The rumor and speculation that won't go away in the NFL is where Minnesota Vikings running Back Adrian Peterson will end up. Some believe the Arizona Cardinals are in the mix and are trying to swing a trade. Some feel he will end up on the Dallas Cowboys, while others think he will end up staying with the team that drafted him originally in 2007.

However, according to Yahoo! Sports' Charles Robinson, speaking with Dan Bickley and Vince Marotta on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM, Peterson "would still like to play elsewhere and his number one option is still the Arizona Cardinals."

Peterson is reportedly unhappy with his situation in Minnesota and would like to land elsewhere, but it isn't that easy. He is under contract for three more seasons. Minnesota does not seem willing to trade him right now. Plus, his status with the league is still in question. While a judge has ruled he is eligible to play in 2015 without further suspension, the league is appealing the ruling and Peterson is still on an exempt list.

But Robinson believes the Cardinals could convince the Vikings to part with Peterson with a trade of something of value -- draft picks.

It isn't often you see a player with a big contract traded for much more than a fourth rounder, but Robinson believes it will take more than that to land Peterson -- but not much more.

However, aside from the compensation for the Vikings, there is the question of money for Peterson. He is due nearly $13 million this season, nearly $15 million in 2016 and nearly $17 million the year after that. It is believed Peterson wants $25 million guaranteed on a three-year deal.

"I think if Arizona offers a couple third-round picks for Adrian Peterson and will commit that money, I think they'll get him," Robinson said.

The question is whether or not the Cardinals will be willing to do that. The picks are one thing. It is another to pay one guy that much when he will be turning 30, when running backs typically begin to sharply decline.

If Robinson is to be believed, Peterson can be had. The trade and contract price seem to be out there. It now remains to be seen whether Arizona is willing to pay it.

Listen to the full interview with Robinson here.