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Arizona Cardinals reportedly prepared to offer high draft pick for Adrian Peterson

It appears this might happen if he actually is on the trading block.

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

The rumor that just won't go away is Adrian Peterson and the Arizona Cardinals. Yahoo! Sports' Charles Robinson continues to be on top of the situation and has the Cardinals still right in the middle of the Peterson situation in Minnesota.

According to Robinson, Peterson has told the Vikings he is unhappy still. Robinson also reported that should the Vikings decide to put him on the trading block, the Cardinals would offer a high draft pick.

Robinson followed up stating it appears Minnesota will get at least a second round pick for Peterson, although they might want more. Reading between the lines, that means Arizona is willing to part with a second rounder.

This supposed interest the Cardinals have doesn't mean anything. There might be other teams in play and the Vikings don't have to do anything. Peterson is under contract for three more seasons. Mike Zimmer, Minnesota's head coach, wants Peterson back.

Then there is the issue of when he will come off the commissioner's exempt list.

A trade for Peterson would be huge. With an improved offensive line after having signed Mike Iupati, a healthy Carson Palmer, a healthy Andre Ellington and the return of Larry Fitzgerald, the offense would have all the weapons they need.

This story just won't go away and maybe we don't want it to until it ends with Peterson wearing Cardinal red.

Is a second rounder worth Peterson?