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Recent 'chatter' has Arizona Cardinals trading a 2nd round pick for Adrian Peterson and a 7th rounder

Just another rumor about a trade that might or might not even have been discussed.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Yes! More rumors about running back Adrian Peterson and the Arizona Cardinals! You can't get enough of them. There is a new one that is making its way around social media from Jordan Schultz, a columnist for the Huffington Post. He doesn't normally have football reports, but he tweeted on Sunday about some "chatter" he had been hearing.

According to Schultz, he has heard "chatter" the Minnesota Vikings and the Arizona Cardinals had been talking trade -- the Cardinals sending a second round pick to the Vikings in exchange for Adrian Peterson and a seventh round pick.

What exactly is this chatter? That's what is hard to know.

Schultz is not a regular reporter on NFL matters. Is this talk he is hearing from people in the business, or is it chatter he is hearing among fans?

I heard the same chatter in fan forums before I saw the tweet, so take the "rumor" with a grain of salt.

There have yet to be any reports about the Cards and Vikes actually being in discussions. Everything we have heard is from one side or another only. Peterson has not been made available yet by all reports.

Nonetheless, this "chatter" is worth discussing. The talk of a pair of third rounders for Peterson has come up. We have heard sending a second rounder  for him straight up. Now it is a second for Peterson and a seventh rounder.

Would this make a deal better, picking up a seventh round pick?

Should we even be considering the thought of a deal for Peterson?