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Larry Fitzgerald to Cleveland? Browns tried to make a trade

The Browns tried to make a move for the veteran wideout, but they could not make it happen.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

It seems every offseason there's some sort of rumor surrounding Larry Fitzgerald. For quite some time is was a potential trade between the Patriots and Arizona that would send the star wideout to New England. There was always the "He wants to play for his childhood team in Minnesota". Well this year, there seems to be another one.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, reported that the Browns wanted to trade for Larry Fitzgerald, prior to him redoing his contract last month.Obviously the Cardinals thought it was a low ball if there was no rumors that popped up, and quickly shot it down.

Fitzgerald eventually redid his contract, and a no trade clause was added into his contract.

The Browns are desperately looking for a number one receiver, especially after yet another suspension for Josh Gordon. Dwyane Bowe seems to be their number one option as of right now.

There's nothing on how much the Cardinals were offered just yet, but in due time that should find it's way into the public.