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Minnesota Vikings 'quietly' shopping Adrian Peterson, who wants out

No surprise, but it is a little wrinkle to the story.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

The Adrian Peterson saga continues, only this time Larry Fitzgerald is involved. But it's not that Larry Fitzgerald. It involves the senior version -- the wide receiver's father -- whose tweet gives us some slightly new information about the rumor that keeps on following the Arizona Cardinals.

Fitzgerald Sr., a longtime member of the Minnesota media, tweeted on Tuesday the Vikings "are quietly going about the business of shopping Adrian Peterson," who has told the team he wants out.

While this really isn't a surprise, it is the first report where we hear the Vikings are actually making a move to trade him.

The Arizona Cardinals keep coming up a s a trade destination, as there are many reports stating it is the place Peterson wants to go. But as things go, other reports say the Cardinals haven't had contact with the Vikings about it and Peterson's contract is just impossible trade for.

We have also heard Peterson is willing to restructure for Arizona, but he is still seeking at least $25 million in guaranteed money over three years.

Perhaps this is just another subtle ploy by a team, using the media to send a message to the other to try and gain a little more leverage.

Then again, maybe Minnesota finally cracked and is really trying to move the star running back. If so, we will see what actual market there is for him, whether that is a second round pick, a player or a late rounder.