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March Madness: Real-time brackets or raise money with Patrick Peterson, Kurt Warner for charity Bracket Challenge

Join their team and maybe raise money for charity.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

We are near the actual start of March Madness and everyone in the country is filling a bracket or more -- without really knowing much about college basketball.

You can join in on the fun a couple of ways.

ROTB and SB Nation are hosting real time brackets. Check it out. It's a way to keep your picks alive and not give up watching games when your bracket is busted. We know that is what normally happens.

Give it a try. Here is the link.

Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson and former QB Kurt Warner are doing a more traditional bracket and you can join them, all while raising money for charity.

There are a few hours left, but you can join. You get a free bracket, and you can do more for a small fee that goes to charity.

Join Kurt Warner's team here.

Join Patrick Peterson's team here.

Give it a try.