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Larry Fitzgerald says Adrian Peterson would be 'game changer' for Arizona Cardinals

The star receiver is a friend of the star running back, so he naturally would say good things.

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald had nice things to say about the possibility of adding star running back Adrian Peterson recently. And of course he did. He has only good things to say about everyone in the NFL.

Participating in the Pro-Am of the LPGA Founders Cup on Wednesday, he took some time to answer some questions about the Peterson to Arizona rumors and the offseason in general. Darren Urban's whole story can be found on

When asked about the possibility of having his friend Peterson on the Cardinals, Fitz said adding someone like him would be a 'game changer."

"Obviously, he's an MVP-caliber player," Fitzgerald said. "Everybody knows that. Any team he ends up with -- or if he stays with the Vikings -- is going to have a great back. If he was to come play here, it would obviously mean a tremendous amount for our ballclub."

From the perspective of a player, Peterson makes perfect sense. You want the best on your team and he is one of the best running backs we have ever seen.

Players don't have to think about the salary cap or dead money. They deal with the locker room and winning. Obviously Peterson on the field makes a team better than Peterson not on the field.

Notice Fitz gave absolutely no insight as to whether he thinks it will happen or any insight into how Peterson feels or what he wants. He surely knows something or a lot of things.

Money and compensation issues aside, Fitz is absolutely right -- Peterson is a game changer. The Cardinals offense would be set to be a juggernaut between the ability to run the ball and the passing scheme they have.

Will Peterson happen? The fact Arizona did not address the running back position in free agency tells you one thing -- Peterson is very much a possibility. It isn't a guarantee, but if Peterson were not truly being considered as an option, Arizona would have already signed somebody.