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Arizona Cardinals news 3/20: March Madness and Darren Fells, Mendenhall talks

Friday morning Cards and NFL links.

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With the NCAA Tournament beginning, we are reminded how Darren Fells played basketball in college. Rashard Mendenhall talks about players (like himself)) who retire early on their terms. Plus, things are changing with the Cardinals' image for free agents.


Zoom - Darren Fells Crossover
Zoom into TE Darren Fells journey from the hardwood to the gridiron.

Cardinals Blogs | Cards benefit from Fells’ basketball departure

The (real) opening of March Madness Thursday was a good time to break out the in-season Zoom episode of tight end Darren Fells, who spent a bunch of years away from the game of football playing first college basketball (no NCAA tournaments for him) and then pro basketball overseas. A couple of years ago he realized he would like to try his hand at football — he notes he wanted to be in a more physical game — and now he’s morphed into a feasible option for the Cardinals at tight end.

Q&A: Rashard Mendenhall on life as an early NFL retiree

While Mendenhall was adamant that nagging injuries (like Willis) or concern about the long-term effect of head injuries (like Borland) did not lead him to an early retirement, he admires their decision to retire under their own terms.

A Corolla at running back might work for the Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals might be better off looking for a running back in the draft than to land the big name.

Arizona Cardinals viewed as team to join by free agents - ESPN

These aren’t your Arizona Cardinals of old. They’re not viewed around the NFL anymore through losing-colored glasses. Those lenses have a tint of winning these days.

Breaking down Mike Leach's contract with Arizona Cardinals - ESPN

Mike Leach's consistency and durability has paid off for him, yet again.


How the Player Assessment Tool may save NFL teams from themselves -

The creators of the Player Assessment Tool believe it may be able to do what the Wonderlic never could -- accurately predict player success and lend some clarity to the muddy NFL Draft scouting process.

Has the NFC North narrowed the gap on the Packers? -

Green Bay has yet to sign an unrestricted free agent from another team this offseason, yet they still may have pulled further ahead of the Lions, Bears and Vikings.

Why the NFL is better off without its players -

WSBN's Dan on Fire maps out how the NFL can fix its ongoing issues.

Kevin White might have the highest upside of any receiver in the NFL Draft -

Retired NFL defensive end Stephen White takes a closer look at West Virginia receiver Kevin White, who has the potential to be the best receiver in the 2015 NFL Draft.

The Onside Kick Family Hour: Chris Borland, NFL free agency and more -

SB Nation's NFL podcast -- featuring Stephen White, Danny Kelly and Ryan Van Bibber -- breaks down the best and worst from free agency, looks at potential rule changes and discusses Chris Borland's retirement.

Rise 'n Grind: The Cowboys have a new pass rusher ... kind of -

Dallas has a new pass rusher, the NFL has a whole bunch of new rules to consider, and we're wondering if we'll see some new division champs in 2015. Good morning!

The best and worst contracts of NFL free agency 2015 -

Which teams spent the most wisely this offseason? Which ones didn't?