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Jonathan Dwyer wants to return to team, Cardinals not interested

It would appear the organization doesn't want him back.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Well, I guess I was wrong. On the latest Revenge of the Birds Radio podcast, I made a "bold prediction" about the running back situation. I said I believed if the Cardinals don't end up acquiring Adrian Peterson this offseason, last year's free agent running back signing Jonathan Dwyer would end up returning to the Cardinals.

I guess I was wrong and had I seen the Mike Jurecki tweet earlier the same day, I would probably not have made the statement.

According to Jurecki, Dwyer wants to return to the Cardinals, but the team is not interested in bringing Dwyer back.

Dwyer has his legal situation cleared up. After being arrested for domestic assault charges, he was deactivated by the team and played on the NFI list. He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor.

Head coach Bruce Arians has said the team really missed Dwyer offensively. He is an Arians guy, having played for him in Pittsburgh as well.

Add that to the fact the Cardinals don't have a veteran presence in the running back room and you have the perfect opportunity to bring in a big back on a cheap deal and give the room a veteran -- one the players already know.

Dwyer, meanwhile, still associates himself with the Cardinals. You can see his Twitter account and how he has included the #Birdgang hashtag a few times.

Perhaps the lack of interest is because they have not made a decision yet about trading for Adrian Peterson. Perhaps the embarrassment the team felt when he was taken into custody is more than they want to deal with for a rotational player. Perhaps they just want an upgrade, which is perfectly reasonable.

However, with a Daryl Washington decision coming this offseason, it will be interesting to see if the Cardinals will have the same lack of interest for his return or if they will open their arms to a player who has not only embarrassed them twice with substance abuse issues, but also involved himself in a domestic situation that ended with a guilty plea to a felony.

So, if we are to believe Jurecki, then I was totally off base. Dwyer won't be returning the Cardinals then and we should start considering other veteran options, in addition to looking at possible players the Cardinals could draft.