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NFL owners meetings: 5 rule change proposals up for voting

Which ones seem like good ideas?

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

This weekend, the NFL owners are here in Phoenix for the yearly owners' meetings. Among the items of business there will be, the owners will consider some rule change proposals. A summary of all the rules changes and bylaw proposals can be found on Pro Football Talk and a more detailed explanation of some of the proposals was given by Marc Sessler on

Here are five in particular that seem most intriguing.

1. No more red challenge flags

For a coach to challenge a call, instead of the red flag, he calls timeout. He initiates the challenge and, if he is successful, the timeout is restored.

Sounds like a reasonable change and you don't have to have any situations like the Cardinals found themselves when Bruce Arians threw a challenge flag when he shouldn't have, then tried to have Lyle Sendlein pick it up before it was noticed.

2. A nine-point touchdown?

The Colts submitted a bold and interesting change proposal. If a team successfully converts a two-point attempt after a touchdown, they would be given a "bonus" conversion attempt -- a kick from 50 yards. It would be tested out in the preseason.

It sounds crazy -- very video game-ish, and I like it. But it is at best a longshot.

3. No roster cutdown to 75 players

One bylaw proposal would make one big cut in the preseason -- from the 90 players all the way down to 53. I don't think coaches would like that, unless perhaps it is done after preseason game three, giving teams another week to scour the waiver wire and get them in a preseason game to see if they fit or not.

4. Less chop blocks, no peelback blocks

Another proposed pair of rule changes would give more protection to defensive players, banning running backs from chop blocking outside the tackle box and banning all peelback blocks from offensive players.

If the league is really serious about safety, you can't just penalize players for their hits -- you have to protect defensive players, too.

5. Personal foul reviews

The Titans proposed that all personal foul penalties be reviewable with a coach's challenge. The Redskins also submitted a similar proposal, but the review would not be through a coach's challenge.