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Adrian Peterson refuses meeting with Vikings general manager, but Minnesota can afford to be patient

Things suddenly are getting a little less friendly.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Things are perhaps headed towards a less friendly situation with the Minnesota Vikings and running back Adrian Peterson. As we continue to stay on top of the Peterson news because the Arizona Cardinals are heavily connected to the back, believed to be the top choice for Peterson to end up in 2015 if he is to leave the Vikings, we now have a little bit of drama.

According to Yahoo! Sports' Charles Robinson, who has been all over the Peterson story, Vikings general manager Rick Spielman requested a dinner meeting with Peterson's agent in Phoenix, but was turned down.

Why the dinner meeting was rejected specifically is not known. There is speculation it could signal more of a hardline approach to the situation by Peterson to force his way out of town.

Minnesota has recently told Peterson's agent the team will not release the star running back.

The Vikings can afford to wait. While Peterson is owed $12.75 million during the 2015 season, the only thing they would have to pay before the start of the season is a $250,000 workout bonus if he participates in the offseason training plan.

They are in no hurry and reportedly are holding firm to wanting a second round pick from a potential suitor.

Arizona is on that short list of teams rumored to be in the mix, but they do not have the salary cap space to make it happen without a contract restructure. Peterson reportedly is seeking at least $25 million in guaranteed money over the next three seasons.

As it stands, aside from sending messages that he is unhappy in Minnesota, Peterson really has no leverage. He is under contract for a lot of money. The Vikings appear willing to pay him the $13 million he is owed this year and want him to remain a Viking.

More unhappy Peterson news means more speculation about his potential destinations. The Cardinals are a big part of that speculation.

Will Peterson be able to force the issue? Will the Vikings be willing to pay a disgruntled star a lot of money? Will they hold fast to the price they are reportedly seeking?