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NFL free agency winners and losers: No mention of Arizona Cardinals

Since FA winners don't normally become winners of football games, it's olay.

Who "won" free agency so far? According to Matt Ufford of SB Nation, the Arizona Cardinals aren't on the list. In a quick "Daily Win," he gives five teams who he believes are the winners of the new league year so far.

He doesn't mention Arizona, despite the addition of three-time Pro Bowler Mike Iupati. He mentions the Tennessee Titans as a winner because of the addition of a player like Brian Orakpo, a talented, but oft-injured guy.

Arizona did that in adding Sean Weatherspoon.

Arizona added speed to the linebacker position, depth to the defensive line and physicality to the offensive line.

But I guess it isn't a bad thing the Cardinals don't find themselves on a list of free agency "winners." Typically the teams who "win" March don't win as many actual football games in the regular season.

Arizona has made a splash the last two offseasons with offensive linemen. Then they go after guys they can get for a little less than market value. They have been good at getting big contributors -- Karlos Dansby, Eric Winston, Antonio Cromartie, Larry Foote, among others.

From our perspective, Arizona did well in free agency. They only things they perhaps missed out on were an impact pass rusher and a running back.

Would you say Arizona should be on that list of winners?