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2015 NFL Draft order: Arizona Cardinals eight draft picks set

With compensatory picks now known, we can see exactly what selections the Cardinals will have next month.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL awarded 32 compensatory picks to 14 teams the other day and that means we now know the complete NFL Draft order. The Arizona Cardinals will have eight selections in the seven rounds -- one pick in each of the first six rounds and two in the seventh round, including the final pick in the draft. They were awarded a seventh round compensatory selection.

So which picks will the Cardinals have?

Round 1, Pick 24 (24th overall)
Round 2, Pick 23 (55th overall)
Round 3, Pick 22 (86th overall)
Round 4, Pick 24 (123rd overall)
Round 5, Pick 23 (159th overall)
Round 6, Pick 22 (197th overall)
Round 7, Pick 24 (241st overall)
Round 7, Pick 39 (256th overall, compensatory selection)

The Cardinals can trade any of their first seven picks. They cannot trade their compensatory pick.

If the trend continues, the Cardinals will find a way to acquire at least one more pick. Each of the last two drafts, which are the two the general manager Steve Keim has run, the Cardinals have traded down to gain an additional pick later in the draft. Last year, they moved down, drafted safety Deone Bucannon, but also picked up an extra third round pick, which turned out to be receiver John Brown.

In 2013, the Cardinals traded down in the second round and drafted linebacker Kevin Minter. With the extra sixth round pick they acquired, they drafted running back Andre Ellington. Both those extra picks worked out nicely for Arizona.