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Michael Bush wonders why he was released by Arizona Cardinals

The veteran felt all was going well and Bruce Arians' comments seemed to point towards staying a while.

Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when the Arizona Cardinals signed veteran running back Michael Bush last season? It might be hard to remember, as he lasted only a week and a half. But if you recall, it seemed weird when he was let go.

After participating in the NFL Veteran Combine on Sunday, Bush still wonders what happened so many months ago. He spoke to reporter Ed Cole.

But first, let's take a trip back to what head coach Bruce Arians said after Bush's signing.

"We didn't sign him for this week; we signed him for the long haul," Arians said at the presser I attended.

Arians liked the skill set, comparing what he can do to what they lost when Jonathan Dwyer was lost after his domestic incident.

But just week and a half later, he was out of the league again.

Bush doesn't know what happened.

"From some of the comments that was made from the coach, ‘Bush [isn't] a short term solution,' and all that, I thought this was gonna be my next home," Bush explained Sunday at the veteran workouts.

He said he "simply didn't get a chance."

He felt he was learning the playbook, and he still would like a chance.

But as to the question why he was let go, it was a question that particular week...until Sunday when Kerwynn Williams made his debut and ran for 100 yards.

It was unfortunate for Bush, but Williams had impressed the coaches in practice for weeks and finally gave him a chance. It ended up being a smart decision. He rushed for 100, 75 and 67 yards in three of the final four weeks of the regular season, averaging 4.6 yards per carry.

Now, as for the Cardinals moving forward, Bush would fill the big back role the Cardinals are seeking. They haven't made a move yet, but Bush would gladly welcome a call. "They got my number, I'm right up the road," he said. "Call me anytime they want."