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Bruce Arians 'ain't saying jack about Adrian Peterson'

And there isn't much he can say.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

There has certainly bee a lot of discussion about Adrian Peterson on this site. He wants out of Minnesota and the Arizona Cardinals are looking to add a running back. The Cardinals continue to be in the mix as a possible destination, as the reports and speculation go.

Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians was asked about Peterson on Wednesday when the media met with him for breakfast. The answer was another great Arians quote.

"You trying to get me fined," he asked the reporter who posed the question. "That's tampering, dude. I can't talk about another player. I ain't saying jack about Adrian Peterson. I'd get fined for that. Nope."

He did give some information as to the type of running back they want to add. He wants a big back, but that guy can't just be big. He has to be fast, too. Arians once again said how much the team missed Jonathan Dwyer.

He speculated Robert Hughes might be able to fill that role as a short yardage back, indicating "it's probably my fault" Hughes didn't get more chances. He said Hughes made plays, especially catching the ball.

Of course, if we must forget, Hughes was pretty bad in short yardage situations. He carried the ball six times on third down and less than two yards. He gained a total of six yards on those carries, the longest for three yards. That means he gained three yards on five other carries. That won't get you many first downs.

Arians believes the Cards can find a big, fast back in the later rounds of the draft.

As for Peterson, who knows?

Of course Arians wasn't going to say anything, but it was worth asking the question, right?