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NFL free agency grades: Arizona Cardinals given a B+ for free agency work

It's almost an A.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Even though no one has played any games or even had offseason workouts, people on the Internet want grades for what the teams around the NFL have done in free agency. An ESPN Insider piece satisfies the masses, giving grades for each team.

The Arizona Cardinals did a very good job in free agency according to the grades, earning a B+.

The Cardinals set out this offseason to add speed on defense. They set out to upgrade their running personnel on offense. They seem to have succeeded on both fronts.

"They are high on my list of teams in free agency," Williamson said. "My worry is that Iupati is more of a run-blocker while Bruce Arians' offense has a lot of deep drops. I do really like the Weatherspoon pickup. If Daryl Washington comes back, they are suddenly very athletic and versatile there with linebackers who do not come off the field -- something the 49ers enjoyed for years. Woodley was worth a shot. Peters is a decent player. Redding is decent. Shipley is OK. They got noticeably better and they were able to keep Larry Fitzgerald, which was good."

While the grade is solid, the actual analysis was pretty tepid.

However, the Cardinals filled some key needs, improved the offensive line, added versatility and depth to the defensive line and did so without really breaking the bank. Plus, Larry Fitzgerald is still around.

What would it have taken to get an A? Probably a pass rusher or a running back. Had Arizona been able to land Pernell McPhee or Briwn Orakpo, probably the grade would have been higher.

But in the end, is an "A" in free agency something that even matters? In the article, two of the team to get "A" grades are the Jets and the Redskins.Does anyone really think either of those teams have a real shot at the postseason? Their quarterback situations are still a bit unknown.

How satisfied are you with the free agent haul of the Cardinals?