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2015 salary cap is set, Arizona Cardinals with more than $14 million in space

The number is officially ou.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It took forever, but the NFL announced the 2015 salary cap. As expected, the cap is going up because of increased revenues. This year's cap is $143.28 million.

That is roughly $10 million higher than it was in 2014.

The Arizona Cardinals currently sit at a total of $148.5 million in total salary for all the players they have on their roster. However, beginning next week, the league looks only at the team's top 51 contracts. Based on that number, the Cardinals are nearly $15 million under the cap.

During the offseason, the league uses the "top 51" method for staying under the salary cap. Things change once final cuts occur. When teams have to pare down their rosters to their final 53, the salary cap includes everyone on the roster, including players on injured reserve and on the practice squad.

Now that the cap is set, the next question is how the Cardinals will use the cap in free agency. Will they make more cuts to open more space? will they attempt to land a big contract player? What does the team mean by "being aggressive," as we have heard all offseason the team will be?