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Arizona Cardinals Mock Draft Version 4.0: Beefing up the offensive line

The Cardinals want to get better on the interior and they could be losing a right tackle in 2016, is there a player that could bridge the gap of these two issues?

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

It is the Friday before free agency starts and the Arizona Cardinals supposedly have close to $20 million to play with in free agency, which means things will change, drastically, between now and April 30th.

The Cardinals need some work on the offensive line still, they have lost 2/3 of their starting defensive line that was the anchor of the number one rush defense in the NFL two short years ago, and they need a litany of linebacker help.

How does it go?

Round 1 Pick 24: TJ Clemmings, OL Pittsburgh

Getting help on the offensive line, Clemmings give the Cardinals a chance to look at him as a right guard, and he can be the teams right tackle moving forward in 2016 and beyond.

Round 2 Pick 55: Carl Davis, DT Iowa

The Cardinals need help at the defensive line position, Davis is a potential 5 tech with the ability to move inside during passing situations.  Davis is an athletic freak, but with those running backs on the board, this was a tough pass.  If it wasn't for Clemmings in round one, Jake Fisher would have been the pick though.

Round 3 Pick 86: Jay Ajayi, RB Boise State

With the way the board fell, this is probably my favorite simulation that I have run so far, there is no outside linebacker or inside linebacker, but they have added impact at their offensive and defensive lines and added the power back, the work horse, that Arians usually likes.

Round 4 Pick 120: Tyler Lockett, WR KSU

It is still Bruce Arians, and with the lack of talent at the linebacker positions, I went with an Arians WR in Lockett, who can grow and be ready for 2016.

Round 5 Pick 151: Byron Jones, CB UConn

The Combine wonder may go earlier, but this may be about the right spot with how he works on the field.

That's my five round look, what would you do?