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Looking at the best DT free agents available

Now that the circus of Dockett has ended, can we acknowledge the fact that Dan Williams is not on the team.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

While much has been made about the Cardinals failing to resign Darnell Dockett over the past few weeks, a more troubling roster move was made. Dan Williams became a free agent.

To clear the air. Darnell Dockett is a hypocrite for his comments on Karlos Dansby, he most certainly chose a team that may continue to implode despite national media hopes, and he did it all for the money.

He is completely correct in doing so since no one is ever going to offer him that much money for any job once he retires from football.

But Dockett didn't even play last year, nor was he the most dominant player two years ago. Whereas Dan Williams has been a key component of the vaunted Cardinals rush defense. Like it or not, Williams is the more important loss.

What should the Cardinals do if Williams goes elsewhere or have no plan on bringing him back? Pickup one or two free agents, an idea based on the publicized front office belief that team position needs should come from free agency not the draft.

Here are the top DTs the Cards should target:

1) Terrance "Pot Roast" Knighton, age 29 - I've been a fan of Pot Roast since his Jaguars days. Arguably, Knighton is the long shot candidate, but he is one of the best run defenders in the league. He would not only be an upgrade over Williams on run defense, but a clear upgrade in pass rush.

2) Jared Odrick, age 27 - Odrick has played DT, DE and LB. For a head coach who loves versatility, Odrick is the archetype. He's a year younger than Williams and is coming off an injury that could lower his asking price for a contract. A good candidate even if other DT's are signed.

3) Cedric Thornton, age 27 - Similar in skillset to Williams, Thornton won't be a good pass rusher, but he will be stalwart against the run. He anchored the line in Philadelphia, which while not an impressive defense, they were 5th in rushing yards per attempt last season at 3.7.

4) Vince Wilfork, age 33 - The team brought in Tommy Kelly late in the offseason and he was a huge boon to the team. Wilfork would be exactly the same, he was cut by the Patriots solely for salary cap reasons and given a short term contract would be a ferocious disruptive defensive tackle.

5) Tommy Kelly, age 34 - Honestly, the team should bring Kelly back anyways for a second 1-year contract. It's unlikely with his age another team will do him better and he brought value to both the defense and field goal unit. Kelly has never been the colossal run stopper, but he is a solid pass rusher for a defensive tackle.

Those are the top five candidates as I see them. I do believe there are some players already on the team that will play, like Alameda Ta'amu and perhaps Josh Mauro if he sticks on the roster, but neither are starter caliber players.

Leave your opinions in the comments.