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ROTB Roundtable: Running backs, Dockett, and Free Agency

With just two days until Free Agency, questions and rumors are flying everywhere.

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The ROTB Writing Staff took on three of these in this week's Roundtable edition.

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1) Would you rather the Cardinals pursue Adrian Peterson or DeMarco Murray?

Tyler Derby: Putting financials aside, definitely Adrian Peterson. He's the best running back in the league and having a year off saved his legs for a year so I expect him to have a big season with a lot to prove.

Jesse Reynolds: Peterson, only because I'm concerned that Dallas knows something about Murray. Murray became a lot less effective as the year went on and after all those carries, catches and hits I wonder if he is going to drop off quickly.

Jess Root: I say All Day all day. He is a generational back who can mask all sorts of issues the offensive line might have. He doesn't need great blockers. He needs able to put up numbers. Murray might just be a product of the Dallas line and the fact they were only willing to offer him $4 million a season should tell you something. The contract has to come down, but could you imagine the potential offensively?

Cdeveau: Peterson, but only on a great deal for AZ. No need to handicap the team with anything outrageous.  Seeing as how Pierre Thomas was released by the Saints, he would be the back I'd like to see Arizona target for a short term deal, above Murray or Peterson.

Robert Norman: Adrian Peterson. Murray has truly only had one great year and like Jess said that could be a product of a great offensive line. That said if we can fix our interior line that may just make the point moot. Regardless, I don't see the Cards willing to trade for Peterson. Bringing in either player relegates Ellington to a smaller role in the offense. I expect another lesser known short term deal like a Jonathan Dwyer or Rashard Mendenhall.

Note: Although this second question is redundant given that Dockett has already signed with the 49ers, let's see how the predictions turned out.

2) Do you think Darnell Dockett will end up back with the Cardinals this season?

Tyler Derby: He has always talked about loyalty and I hope he does come back because he is such a good leader. That being said, he may not want to resign after being cut, hard call on this one, but I will be hopeful and say he will resign with the Cardinals.

Jesse Reynolds: I don't, I think SF signs him in part to spite us and in part because they need depth behind Justin Smith. He is getting older, hasn't been as effective and is getting injured easier. Rotating him with Dockett would keep both their snaps low and the level of intensity from that position high. I think it would be a smart move for SF if the price is right.

Jess Root: It appears not, but it wouldn't surprise me.

Cdeveau: Well, since I've read the news this morning all my money is on the no bet.

Robert Norman: I believed Dockett would resign with the Cardinals. But knowing he was getting a two-year contract $7.4 million with $4 million guaranteed. Then I completely understand why he signed with the 49ers. It will definitely be interesting to see what Dockett says about the organization now that he is gone.

3) As we are little under a week away from Free Agency, what should be the Cardinals top priority when they enter this exciting period of the off-season?

Tyler Derby: I think two needs for us would be the Kick/Punt Returner and Running Back position. Getting more consistent production from those positions will be huge for us next year.

Jesse Reynolds: Signing smart contracts. Chasing big name players and paying top dollar contracts can really put back a team financially for seasons. Keim has been great at signing undervalued talent on great deals. Make your risky and bold decisions in the draft, be safe during FA and just use it to bolster the ranks.

Jess Root: Anything they can get. Pass rusher, inside linebacker, interior line and running back.

Cdeveau: ILB, defensive front. TE, RB. Arizona has a bunch of needs to be addressed either via FA or the draft this year.

Robert Norman: ILB, RB, DT, TE, OG. In that order. If they want to draft more players for those same positions, by all means do so. However, those are where the needs lie now. ILB is still in the air with Washington an unknown. The loss of Dwyer was definitely felt last season. Dockett and Williams could both signed elsewhere. Carlson is the only tenured TE and he was not all that inspiring. Hopefully, Cooper earns a starting spot, but regardless the play of the guards needs to improve.