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NFL free agents: How much money will the Cardinals' targets cost?

It's not real, but it's one way to project contract numbers.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we have some rumored names the Arizona Cardinals are interested in. There are names like Pernell McPhee, Stefen Wisniewski, Trent Cole and more.

Since we don't have any real numbers as to what they might cost, I ran a FanSpeak "Manage the Cap" simulation. I purposely made offers that I believed would be perhaps a little low to see what they ended up with.

Here are the results:

I offered Wisniewski $5 million per year for five years. He got $6.6 million per year on average for four years.

I offered McPhee $7 miilion per year over five years. He took it. Apparently not even the simulation believes he will get the $8-10 million he reportedly seeks.

I offered Trent Cole two years, $3.5 million per year. He went for much more -- two years, $7 million per year. Pricey.

Sean Weatherspoon didn't end up being too expensive. I offered $2.5 million a year for two years. He took $3.5 million.

Paea took longer. He did take my offer, but it took three  different offers. It took five years and $5.5 million per year.

Are any of those salaries in the range you would like the Cardinals to pay?