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Arizona Cardinals have more salary cap space, was there a contract restructure?

The numbers would suggest it was Calais Campbell.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It was noticed by team reporter Darren Urbanon Tuesday afternoon. The Arizona Cardinals appear to have add some salary cap space and this brings two questions -- how and why?

After showing the Cardinals had $9.9 million in salary cap space a week ago, the NFLPA salary cap report now shows the Cardinals have $4 million more space. They are now $13.9 million below the salary cap.

Since the team has announced no releases recently, the added space suggests there was some contract work done. Someone had to have restructured.

Who would that have been? The numbers point to Calais Campbell.

Campbell is due $9 million in salary this year. If the team decided to restructure his contract, they could have converted $8 million of it into a restructure bonus, paying him that amount now and making his 2015 salary $1 million.

With two years left on his contract, that would lower his salary cap number by $4 million this year and add $4 million to his 2016 cap number.

If this is what happened, Campbell's 2015 cap number would now be $10.75 million and his 2016 number will become $19.25 million.

Of course, with that cap number entering the final year of his contract, it would make sense for the Cardinals to extend his deal anyway.

As for the reason why the Cardinals would create more salary cap space, one could speculate they are about to make another signing or they are about to make a trade for Adrian Peterson. As fun as that would be, we just don't know yet.

More details are sure to come, but the Cardinals now are in a very comfortable place currently with the salary cap.