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2015 NFL mock draft: 7-round Arizona Cardinals draft gets pass rusher, cornerback early

A look at some scenarios for the Cardinals.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

At the start of the week, it is time to show another scenario for the NFL Draft. Using Fanspeak's On the Clock premium and choosing CBS Sports' draft board, I ran a full seven-round mock for the Arizona Cardinals. I did not make any trades, although there were options to trade up in the second and third rounds, and there were offers to trade down in the third and fourth rounds. I declined all of them this time around.

Here is how this draft went.

Round 1: Owamagbe Odighizuwa, DE/OLB, UCLA

There were receiving options and I thought about the cornerback options, but felt there were solid options later. I went with the pass rusher, as Owa has a very high upside.

Round 2: P.J. Williams, CB, FSU

Williams is long and fast. He can play press man. He is considered by many to be a first round talent. He did have a DUI arrest recently, so there is that concern. I wasn't in love with the choices. If Williams were not there, I probably would have gone with Jalen Collins.

Round 3: David Johnson, RB, Northern Iowa

Johnson is the big, fast back the Cardinals are seeking. I liked him the best out of all the options there at the time.

Round 4: Ron Havenstein, OT, Wisconsin

I looked at the receivers available and none of them really fit the shorter, speedy guys Bruce Arians prefers, so I went with the big tackle.

Round 5: Nick O'Leary, TE, FSU

This guy actually fits the profile of the type of tight end the Cardinals are missing -- a versatile H-back type of tight end. He is a guy who can line up inline and also in the backfield, giving the Cardinals flexibility offensively.

Round 6: Stefon Diggs, WR, Maryland

Here is where I grabbed a guy who could impact the return game immediately. He is speedy at 4.46. He can catch the ball. He can play inside or outside.

Round 7: Mario Alford, WR, West Virginia

Alford just happened to be here. Yes, I already got Diggs in the sixth round, but Alford has track star speed. Diggs and Alford can battle it out in the return game.

Round 7: Deon Simon, DT, Northwestern State

With the last pick in the draft, I grabbed a guy who could perhaps play nose.