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2015 NFL Draft: Arizona Cardinals to 'think very seriously' drafting a running back in 1st round

Peter King gives a tidbit in his latest column.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

One of the bigger "needs" the Arizona Cardinals have in the upcoming NFL Draft is the running back position. We have spent a lot of time this offseason talking about the running back position because of the speculation with perhaps acquiring Adrian Peterson via trade.

The team does want a back to pair with Andre Ellington. Head coach Bruce Arians said he is looking for a big and fast back -- someone who can do what the team thought Jonathan Dwyer would do last year. He believes the Cards can find a back in the fourth or fifth round, as there is a quality class of backs this year.

However, in Peter King's latest Monday Morning Quarterback column, he suggests the Cardinals will target a back much earlier. He writes, "The Cardinals will think very seriously of running back at No. 24."

On local sports talk radio on Monday, there was a lot of discussion about whether the Cardinals would draft a back with one of their first two picks or trade for Peterson. Mock drafts that Arizona Sports is tracking trend towards running backs for the Cardinals -- most mocking Todd Gurley to the Cards and some projecting Melvin Gordon.

Personally, while it is certainly possible, I just am not sure they will go that route early. Yes, the team seems have an offseason trend of improving the run game, but when they supposedly want a bigger, faster back, those guys seem to be middle round picks.

How likely do you think it will be the Cardinals take either Gurley or Gordon in the first round?