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2015 NFL Draft: Arizona Cardinals traded up in the 1st round before, and it wasn't pretty

The team did it twice in 1993.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to trading in the first round of the NFL Draft and the Arizona Cardinals, trading down has usually been the thing. They traded down last year, moving down seven spots and taking safety Deone Bucannon. More famously, they traded down in 2003, moving down to get two first round picks -- receiver Bryant Johnson and linebacker Calvin Pace.

They have, though, traded up twice, and they did it in the same draft. They also did not get good results from it.

In 1993, they had the fourth overall pick and the 20th overall pick (the latter of the two they received as compensation for safety Tim McDonald signing with the 49ers). The traded up from No. 4 to No. 3 to select running back Garrison Hearst. They traded up from No. 20 to No.18 to select left tackle Ernest Dye.

Neither worked out well for the team.

Dye started only 23 games in his NFL career. Hearst was gone from Arizona after three seasons. He rushed for over 1000 yards in his third year, but he was hampered by injuries during his stint in the desert.

Past history doesn't mean the Cardinals won't do it again. They were allegedly willing to trade up last year in the first round to get quarterback Blake Bortles, had he fallen to about the eighth pick.

Is there someone worth trading up for? How far up? While it isn't expected to happen, who would be the player you would like the Cardinals to land as a result?