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Adrian Peterson reinstated, Arizona Cardinals interested in RB, NFL Draft looms as natural deadline

If nothing happens before the draft, it might not happen at all.

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL has notified Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson he is reinstated and may participate in all activities with the team. The league expects him to fulfill his contractual obligations and participate.

Will it happen?

That is what we do not know.

What we do know is Peterson's punishment is over. There will be no added discipline beyond what has already been given, which means one obstacle to a possible trade is removed.

Multiple reports have the Arizona Cardinal as team interested in making a trade for Peterson and the running back eportedly is interested in joining the Cardinals as well.

It isn't that simple, as other obstacles remain -- the cost of the trade and the cost of Peterson's contract. Minnesota, by all reports, intends on his remaining with the team.

Peterson is due $13 million in salary in 2015 and still has three year left on his current deal, worth $45 million. While that can be redone be a team acquiring him, it has been rumored Peterson would want at minimum $25 million in guaranteed money over three years -- still a very high price, although understandable considering his place among running backs in the league.

If a trade is to happen, it would most likely occur before or during the 2015 NFL Draft, which begins Thursday, April 30. Minnesota will want a draft pick for this year and any team trading for him would want to know whether they should draft a running back in this reported deep draft class at the position.

Will a move happen? The Cardinals are reportedly interested. Peterson is interested. Minnesota is what stands in the way. If a deal will happen, it will happen in the next two weeks. After that, Peterson might just have to suck it up and play for the Vikings again.