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4/18 Arizona Cardinals news: Getting healthy, Palmer completes Cardinals

Saturday Cards and NFL stories.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It's the weekend, but there is lots to catch up on. Read away!


Larry Fitzgerald: Having Carson Palmer back makes Cardinals "complete" | NBCSPORTS1060.COM
"Having him back as the leader of our team is gonna be huge for us. We were really off to a fast start with Carson [Palmer], actually getting to a 9-1 record. Losing him was a devastating blow, so having him back will be complete. We’ll be ready to go and we’re excited about that."

Lorenzo Alexander: "I’m trying to win a championship" | NBCSPORTS1060.COM
"At this point in my career, I’m trying to win a championship," Alexander said. "So whatever the defensive staff and the coaching staff deems that’s best for me to do and help the team to win that championship, I’m all in for that."

Jaron Brown, Like Cardinals, Getting Healthy

Roster should be in good shape once on-field work begins in a few weeks

Breaking down the Arizona Cardinals against the AFC North - Arizona Cardinals Blog - ESPN

Here's a breakdown of how the Cardinals have fared against the AFC North since 2001.

Michael Floyd has earned option year despite decrease in production - Arizona Cardinals Blog - ESPN

Arizona Cardinals receiver has proven his worth to team's attack with success on deep balls.

Draft field thins out beyond two best running backs - Arizona Cardinals Blog - ESPN

Here's a look at five big running backs who are lurking behind the obvious top two backs, Todd Gurley and Melvin Gordon, in the draft.

NFL's top 25 salaries for 2015: The Good, the Bad, The Ugly | FOX Sports

We take a look at the top 25 NFL salaries of 2015, and let you know how they fit into their team's cap situations by using the very scientific approach of "Good, Bad or Ugly." Somewhere, Clint Eastwood and his chair are smiling. -- James Parziale

NFL Draft: Arizona Cardinals could dip into strongest running back class in years

When, not if, the Arizona Cardinals pick a running back in the NFL Draft, they'll have plenty of options to choose from.

Clayton: 'I don't think Adrian Peterson will come to Arizona'

On the first day of Adrian Peterson's official reinstatement, ESPN's John Clayton gave to us...Nothing. As in, Clayton doesn't think Peterson will come to play for the Arizona Cardinals this season.


Is Devin Funchess the next great NFL tight end? -

Retired NFL defensive end Stephen White says the Michigan's Devin Funchess has a much brighter future at tight end than he does wide receiver.

The 2015 NFL Draft's 5 safest players -

There are a few players in the draft that you can absolutely bank on being solid, at the very worst. There is value in certainty and players like Indiana's Tevin Coleman have it.

The NFL Draft must be abolished -

It's 2015, and the NFL needs to act like it.

Would you rather draft Todd Gurley or Melvin Gordon? -

The 2015 NFL Draft features two very good running backs, probable first-round picks. But which one has the edge?

Johnny Manziel wants to regain your 'trust and respect' -

The Browns quarterback wants to regain "everyone's trust and respect" by getting back to work and focusing on football.

Rise 'n Grind: What's next for Adrian Peterson? -

He's back, but how long will Peterson be a Viking? Today's NFL news is heavy on superstar drama.

Real in the Field Gulls: Phil Savage breaks down the NFL Draft scouting process and the rigors of running an NFL team - Field Gulls

Hear from the Director of the Senior Bowl and former NFL GM, Scouting Director, and Director of Player Personnel on how teams achieve success in the NFL Draft.

2015 NFL mock draft: Benardrick McKinney to Denver Broncos at No. 59 -

Is it possible that the Broncos could land two starters for Wade Phillips' new Denver defense in the draft?

2015 NFL mock draft: Grady Jarrett to Dallas Cowboys at No. 60 -

Might the Cowboys wait until (at least) the third round of the draft to replace DeMarco Murray at running back?