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Calais Campbell, Patrick Peterson among top 25 2015 salaries in NFL

And both are considered good deals.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals entered the offseason with some issues with the salary cap. Those have since been resolved after some releases and restructuring. Even still, the team is paying two of the top 25 salaries in the league this coming season.

Both defensive end Calais Campbell and cornerback Patrick Peterson will be paid top dollar. The question is whether the salaries are good, bad or ugly for the team. A Fox Sports post breaks down whether each of the top 25 salaries in the NFL are worth it.

Campbell, who has the 21st highest salary of 2015 at $14.75 million is good.

Since becoming a full-time starter in 2009, he's never had fewer than six sacks in a season. He's probably the best defensive lineman in the league you've never heard of.

Peterson is just ahead of Campbell, earning $14.79 million in 2015. That is 20th in the league. It is considered a good salary as well.

He's knocked down 50 passes and intercepted 15 more in four seasons. His added value as a kick returner makes him an awesome value buy.

Peterson does not return kicks (he actually never did it) or punts anymore, but the ability is still there should the team decide to put him back there.

It shouldn't be a surprise Campbell's salary is considered to be good. He is probably underpaid, based on the current market. That could change this next offseason, as he will have only one year left on his contract.

The surprise of this salary breakdown is considering Peterson's salary good. Many here locally feel the team gave Peterson a bad contract. While he had some up and down play last season, he is still one of the league's best at the position and has not yet reached his potential. That keeps the contract from being a bad or ugly one.

Would you agree with both? Are both salaries good?