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2015 NFL mock draft: Arizona Cardinals land Todd Gurley in 2nd round in 7-round CBS Sports mock

Arizona stays out of the trading business during the draft.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

CBS Sports published a seven-round mock draft, complete with trades and everything. It is notable for Arizona Cardinals fans because, with all the talk about drafting a running back -- perhaps even Melvin Gordon or Todd Gurley in the first round -- the Cardinals land one in the second round, but it is Gurley who becomes the big draft fall of the draft.

According to the mock draft, Arizona nabs edge rusher Eli Harold in the first round, even with Shane Ray and Melvin Gordon both on the board.

With Shane Ray on the board, the Cardinals slightly surprise the masses by taking Harold. The logic behind this choice is that Harold is a "bendier," more dynamic version of Ray.

The big news is in the second round, when Gurley falls all the way to the Cardinals with the 55th pick overall.

The Cardinals selected the pass-rusher they most definitely needed in Round 1, now they hit priority No. 2 with Gurley, a thundering back with immense all-around talent but an ACL tear on his resume.

Here are the rest of the picks the Cards are projected to land.

Round 3, pick 86: DT Michael Bennett, Ohio State

Round 4, pick 123: CB Doran Grant, Ohio State

Round 5, pick 159: WR Dezmin Lewis, Central Arkansas

Round 6, pick 198: OT Andrew Donnal, Iowa

Round 7, pick 241: TE/OT Cameron Clear, Texas A&M

Round 7, pick 256: ILB Curtis Grant, Ohio State

That makes three Ohio State players in this draft alone.

How would you view the Cardinals' draft if it turned out this way? At the top of the draft it seems pretty good. Harold fills a need, as does Gurley, and the Gurley pick is a huge value pick. However, is Harold the better pick over Ray? They are both very athletic and very similar in build. Who would be your pick of the two?