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Minnesota Vikings want 1st round pick, more in Adrian Peterson trade

They have set the bar high for what they want.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

We are back with more on the continuing Adrian Peterson situation. The latest report is that any team that wants to make a trade with the Minnesota Vikings to acquire the star running back will have to part with a first round pick and a player, in addition to picking up the contract Peterson now has.

ESPN reporter Adam Caplan said on the air the Vikings just don't want to trade him. However, if they were to make a move, it would take "a first round pick and more compensation."

That "more compensation" is a starting player -- specifically a cornerback, which the Vikings feel is their greatest need.

Essentially, they want a starter (the corner) and a potential star  (the first rounder) for their star running back.

"(The Vikings) think they are so much better with that guy right there, Adrian Peterson, they want to take the next step," Caplan explains. "They were 7-9 last year. They think they'll be much better with him."

The Arizona Cardinals, Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders are the teams who have been rumored to have interest in acquiring Peterson.

If that is the price, it is steep. A team would have to give up a starter, a future starter and then pay Peterson his money to get him. That would be almost unheard of in terms of a trade. When players have big salaries like Peterson, they usually only fetch no more than a fourth rounder.

Then again, Peterson is a generational player. Would he be worth a first rounder and Jerraud Powers (AZ wouldn't even consider trading Patrick Peterson)?