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Larry Fitzgerald knew contract would get worked out, feels Carson Palmer completes Cardinals

The receiver is excited for the upcoming season.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald is excited for the 2015 season. After an 11-5 2015, there are big expectations for the Cardinals. But with Fitz' contract situation out of the way and quarterback Carson Palmer returning.

Fitz was a guest on SiriusXM NFL Radio recently and spoke about both -- getting his contract situation resolved and the return of Palmer (via NBC Sports Radio 1060 AM).

The contract was never something he worried about. He let his agent handle everything while he relaxed and traveled as he does every offseason. "I knew it [would] work itself out and it did," he said.

As for his starting quarterback, Fitz said Palmer will be at least mentally ready to go on Monday April 20, when Arizona's offseason program begins.

"Carson's already running, he's doing everything already, he's feeling good," Fitz explained. "We talk quite often. We start our offseason program on Monday, so I know he'll be in and ready to get back into the cerebral part of football."

Based on that comment, Fitz doesn't expect Palmer to do much physically in the offseason work.

Palmer is an admitted football junkie. He loves offseason work and even practicing (although as a quarterback it is different because he doesn't get hit).

Fitzgerald was certain, though, about Palmer being a full go for training camp and then made the Cardinals sound like the end of the movie Jerry Maguire.

"I'm not on the training staff, so I can't tell you how active he will be in our offseason program, OTAs and minicamp, but I know he'll be ready for training camp, which is most important," Fitzgerald said. "Having him back as the leader of our team is gonna be huge for us. We were really off to a fast start with Carson [Palmer], actually getting to a 9-1 record. Losing him was a devastating blow, so having him back will be complete. We'll be ready to go and we're excited about that."

Carson Palmer completes the Cardinals.

Are you excited about his return?