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Adrian Peterson not expected to show up for Minnesota Vikings workouts

It is the only thing he can do.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Running back Adrian Peterson has been reinstated to the league and now can participate in any offseason activities. According to Sid Hartman of the Star Tribune, No one expects him to show up in the offseason.

The Vikings, along with many other NFL teams, begin their offseason workouts on Monday.

This time of year, the workouts are optional, but many players have a workout bonus as part of their contract. Peterson has a $250,000 bonus. However, Hartman writes "nobody expects him to report under any circumstances."

Minnesota wants to keep him. Peterson reportedly wants out of Minnesota after how things were handled last season when he was suspended for off the field activities -- alleged child abuse charges.

There are a few teams reportedly interested in Peterson, including the Arizona Cardinals, but the Vikings are reportedly asking for a first round pick and a starting cornerback in any deal, which makes any trade seem unlikely.

Will Peterson show up for workouts? How will he be received by teammates if he does show up? After all that has happened in the offseason regarding Peterson, could he actually stay in Minnesota?