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2015 NFL mock draft: Consensus 1st round pick for Arizona Cardinals is Todd Gurley

It is the collection of 20 mock drafts.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation's Dan Kadar has been putting together weekly mock drafts since around January. This week, instead of rounding out the whole first round on his own, he looked at 20 different mock drafts by different people -- his own, the SB Nation writer mock, Mel Kiper, etc. -- and looked to see if there were any trends.

This "consensus" mock draft showed the Arizona Cardinals going many different ways, but there was one name that came up more than others -- Georgia running back Todd Gurley.

It was not real consensus like the number one pick, which was Jameis Winston to the Bucs in all 20 mocks, but it is nearly impossible to have the same pick for that many projections with the 24th pick.

Gurley was the pick in 20 percent (or four) of the mocks. The other names that came up were Bud Dupree (15 percent), Cameron Erving (10 percent), Eric Kendricks (10 percent), Jalen Collins (10 percent), Melvin Gordon (10 percent), Eli Harold (five percent), Jordan Phillips (five percent), Malcolm Brown (five percent), Preston Smith (five percent) and Shane Ray (five percent).

Following the news that Gurley's knee checked out fine during Combine medical examinations this past weekend, he'd probably land higher in this mock draft. For now, he's the top choice for Arizona, and with good reason. He could step right into the team's starting lineup, pushing Andre Ellington into a third-down role.

Gurley, before his ACL tear, was the talk of college football with the way he was playing. At 6-1, 222 pounds, he fits exactly what Arizona head coach Bruce Arians said he is looking for in a running back -- a big back who is also fast.

There is no doubting Gurley's talent. There is only the doubt about how he returns from his knee injury. Arizona has been burned so many times drafting a running back early and burned by injury issues. At the same time, the one back they passed on who had injury concerns -- Adrian Peterson -- is now a guy who at age 30 the team is considering acquiring.

Do you want Gurley to be the guy? Will he push Ellington into a more specialized role? Is that how you want the Cardinals to look offensively?