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Highlights from Adrian Wilson retirement announcement

There has been a lot said. Here is some of that.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

There have been a lot of articles written since Monday about Adrian Wilson's retirement from the NFL as a member of the Arizona Cardinals. You can see the full press conference on the team's web site.

Here are some of the highlights of things that were said.

Thanking the team:

"First of all, I would like to thank the Bidwill family and entire Cardinals organization for drafting a 20-year old kid from High Point, North Carolina and making his dreams come true."

Expressing his growth and his love for his family:

"When I first came to Arizona, it was just me and I'm leaving Arizona with four kids and a family, so I hold that near and dear to my heart."

On helping change the team:

"I know it wasn't easy over the years as an organization to continue and pound the rock to try to change the culture of the Cardinals. It took time and patience to develop a formula that worked and I was more than willing to be a part of that.

"My whole life, all I wanted to do was matter, to be a part of a change, to be a part of a centerpiece and to turn a team around.

"I poured my heart and soul into this organization and led with a quiet storm mentality."

On knowing his place even from his first season:

"When I walked though those doors April 22, 2001, I knew I was an 'alpha.' It didn't matter win, lose or draw. I had a responsibility to the locker room and every single teammate."

On Steve Keim:

"If I could open up my heart and show you how much love it is in there for you, I would do that. From Day 1 to the end, you were always there for me. That's a true friendship."

Joking about his impact on the game:

"Every single offensive coordinator in the NFL is left off the hook today because No. 24 will not be destroying any more game plans."

On being a leader:

"I've always tried to be the guy to lead by example. I took a couple of young guys under my wing and tried to show the right way to do things, and I think that's paying off now."

Steve Keim on how he changed the Cardinals:

"What I appreciate most is he changed the attitude here where losing was not acceptable."