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2015 NFL mock draft: Results and commentary from Arizona Cardinals Twitter mock

Twitter is a place of the people and the masses had some interesting selections

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Jess posted the results of a Twitter mock I did on Sunday, where a number of Cardinals fans participated in an informal poll for which THEY selected the first four rounds of picks.  I kept all commentary to myself and my dad, with whomI happened to be hanging with on Sunday so he could make the tie breaking picks if they were needed.

The idea was simple enough, post the "Big Board" from FanSpeak as it simulated the mock draft, give the Big Board to the people, without any commentary.

The people made the decisions, most of which I did not completely agree with, and I wrote down how I would have done things.

Now, here's the catch, I obviously was able to see the board unfold as it went along, so people may say, aww you saw Mike Davis fall to the Cards slot in round three so you saved the running back pick for there.  I can only tell you, I did not, for no other reason than I do not care enough about a mock draft to lie, they're mostly just fun exercises in futility.

Anyway, here is how it looked.

Obviously Gurley is the sexy name on the board, but here's the reality, the Cardinals running game is going to be better in 2015 just by the offensive line being better. While I believe that Gurley is a special talent, the running back position is not important enough to make this pick, especially with the way the Cardinals are improving on the offensive line.

That takes us to the pick. Most people think I am going O'Diggy or Preston Smith, and honestly I would normally, but it came down to two players: Kevin Johnson and Andrus Peat. I talked with my dad, we discussed things and I came to a conclusion, the Cardinals only will go as far as their offensive line take them. Sure, Carson Palmer is the engine, but the offensive line is the body of the car.

Andrus Peat is not a guy I am in love with as a prospect, but he is a guy who can push and beat out Bobby Massie, while making the Cardinals running game a force and has the potential to be an All-Pro type of tackle.

In this case, I love the board and how it lined up. After passing on Kevin Johnson, who could end up being my top corner once I finalize some things this week, one of my top five corners came available.

Ronald Darby, as Steve Palazzolo so put, Darby's "stats" are not impressive, but the reason he never put up the stats is very impressive.

Give me Darby in round two, and I am happy with a Peat/Darby first two rounds, even if I am still coming around to Peat (I love the idea of Peat as a RT from day one for what it's worth).

Again, this seemed like a simple selection, and it was. Mike Davis, I love Tyler Lockett, I think Tyler Lockett is going to be a good player, but I think this is what makes the Cardinals running game move over the top.  Davis is a Michael Turner type of back, and would be the perfect lead back in a rotation with Andre Ellington.

Shaq Mason is a guy that those that do not follow the draft process may not know, but he is a nice prospect. He is a little bit undersized at 6-1, 300 lbs, but he's nasty, athletic and loves to run block. I've taken Peat and Davis so I am going to go back to the defense and find myself another defensive linemen, this time some one local -- Marcus Hardison.

The Cardinals need pass rushing help and Hardison could be that early on while offering more for the Cardinals as things progress.

Anyway, that's how I would have done it, what about you?