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Adrian Wilson: 'It's going to be 8 games' or more for Daryl Washington personal conduct suspension

The former Cardinals safety does not think the team can count on him.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Will Daryl Washington play for the Arizona Cardinals in 2015? That is a question we don't know the answer to. At this point, it looks like he will be on the team, but his off-the-field issues continue to affect the team.

Currently under suspension for violating the NFL substance abuse policy, he is eligible for reinstatement at the end of May. He is also facing more league discipline, coming from his domestic dispute from two years ago, to which he pleaded guilty to felony aggravated assault.

He is expected to receive another suspension, but the length is unknown. Former Cardinals start Adrian Wilson, while mocking the first round of the NFL Draft, spoke with Fox Sports 910's Mike Jurecki and gave his thoughts on the Washington situation, saying he expects a significant suspension for the inside linebacker.

"It's going to be eight games at least," he said. He then backed off a little bit, saying "six or eight."

"That's still something you have to contend with, and do you want to still contend with that in the future?" he asked. "If he does slip up, he's gone for good, so I would be hard pressed if I were the GM to be confident in a guy like that."

Greg Hardy was recently suspended for 10 games by the NFL for his involvement in a domestic dispute, so saying Washington could get six or eight game, or even more, is not unreasonable.

Washington was suspended four games in 2013 under the substance abuse policy. He was suspended all last season. He is facing another suspension. If he is suspended for eight games, it will mean he will have played in 20 games in three seasons (assuming he plays in the final eight games) and have been suspended for 28 regular season games.

He is an extremely talented player, but can the team count on him? What should be Washington's future with the team at this point?