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Mel Kiper, Todd McShay team up for mock draft, Cardinals take Melvin Gordon, LB, CB

The two draft gurus collaborate to mock three rounds of the draft.

Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Mock draft, mock draft, mock draft. Yes, we are almost done with mock drafts and, in a week, we will be in the middle of the real NFL Draft. As a way to round out all the projections everyone makes and all the scenarios people like to play out, two of the biggest names in the draft community -- Mel Kiper and Todd McShay of ESPN -- collaborated to mock three rounds of the draft, with each making alternating selections.

How did things play out for the Arizona Cardinals in their mock draft?

In the first round, Kiper makes the pick for Arizona, selecting Wisconsin RB Melvin Gordon. He says to put him in the conversation for Rookie of the Year right now.

McShay was up for Arizona's second round pick. He grabbed TCU linebacker Paul Dawson.

The Cardinals got a big-time running back in Round 1 in Melvin Gordon, and now can fill their need at inside linebacker with a playmaker in Dawson.

Interestingly, a TCU linebacker with a few question marks could replace a former TCU linebacker with a lot of talents and a lot of question marks, if the pick plays out this way.

Kiper was up for the Cardinals again in the third round. With that pick, he selected Stanford CB Alex Carter.

Carter is an underrated athlete and offers potential versatility. I like the depth addition in a secondary that got stretched last season.

Melvin Gordon, Paul Dawson and Alex Carter -- a RB, a LB and a CB. All of those are seen as short term and long term needs. They don't pick up a pass rusher. Are you good with that?