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2015 NFL Draft: Melvin Gordon scouting report

The Cards have been connected to the RB. Let's take a look.

Wisconsin running back Melvin Gordon has been mentioned a lot this offseason in mock drafts as ending up with the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals are seen as having a big running back need. Gordon perhaps is the best back in the draft. He had one of the best seasons for a running back in history.

Based on the quick scouting report video with Matt Ufford, what do you think? Will he be good fit for the Arizona Cardinals. Ufford mentions his blocking and receiving might take him off the field on third downs. Is that a concern for you?

If the Cardinals are going to get Gordon, it would have to be at No. 24. He might not even be available by then. It is very possible he is already off the board, so he certainly won't be around when the Cards pick at the end of the second round.

How much do you like Gordon as a prospect? Would passing on him be like passing on Adrian Peterson again, or would drafting him be like taking Beanie Wells again?