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Price too high for Arizona Cardinals to trade for Adrian Peterson

Arizona doesn't want to give up a first rounder.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

This perhaps could be the last we hear about Adrian Peterson being traded to the Arizona Cardinals. According to Charles Robinson, who has been all over the Adrian Peterson story for Yahoo! Sports, wrote the Cardinals are all but out of the running because the price the Minnesota are asking for the star running back is just too high.

While "Peterson likes Arizona a great deal," the Cardinals just aren't looking to trade their first round pick for him.

Bottom line: the Cardinals' front office and coaching staff feels like they already have a really good team, particularly if quarterback Carson Palmer is 100 percent. And while Peterson could significantly upgrade that offense, Arizona feels like the price of the 24th overall pick and three years of guaranteed money for a 30-year-old running back is too steep. Could that change on draft day? Possibly.

Robinson suggests the deal would have already happened if the asking price had been simply a second round pick, but the Cardinals pick late in the second round.

But the notion of giving up a high pick and paying Peterson top dollar has always made some in the Cardinals fan base uneasy.

So Arizona has been priced out of the Peterson sweepstakes. Perhaps this will be the last we hear of the potential trade. Perhaps things will change. To those who have grown weary of the rumors, rest assured. It will be over soon.