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Adrian Wilson reacts to 1st pitch experience, talks retirement, Steve Keim, NFL Draft

The retired star now has a lot to say.

Adrian Wilson enters Chase Field, where he threw out the first pitch on April 27
Adrian Wilson enters Chase Field, where he threw out the first pitch on April 27
Lisa Blanco

Retired Arizona Cardinals safety Adrian Wilson didn't have a ton to say to reporters when he was a player. He seems to have a lot to say now his playing days are over.

He was honored by the Arizona Diamondbacks on Tuesday when he threw out the first pitch. His throw bounced at home plate.

So what happened?

"It was far," he said after the experience. "It was a little farther than I anticipated."

He also did "about 10 times worse" than he thought he would do.

Interestingly enough, his first pitch experience more or less matched his youth baseball experience as a pitcher.

NBC Sports Radio 1060's Ed Cole spoke to Wilson before his first pitch and learned Wilson's dad tried to get him to be a pitcher when it was discovered he is left-handed (something I didn't know about him -- in football, aside from the quarterback, you can't really tell on the field which hand they use off the field).

"Let's just say I had some velocity issues and I had control issues," Wilson joked.

Aside from bouncing the pitch to the plate, Wilson said the experience was good. "It's a huge honor for me to come out here and for (the Diamondbacks) to recognize my career and what I've done," he said.

In other subjects Cole asked about, Wilson said retirement "sucks for right now" because of the amount of time during the day he needs to fill. "I'm still just trying to figure it out because I always thought I would play forever," he said.

As for a potential role on the team with the Arizona Cardinals, Wilson said there is "no word on that quite yet."

He was asked about the team's general manager and his close friend Steve Keim. Wilson said how Keim "does a great job with personnel" and "at knowing what the team needs." He said Keim has changed a bit since he first met him when Wilson was just 17 years old. "(Keim's) a lot more aggressive now," he said, referring to how he goes about his job. Wilson mentioned how Keim's lifelong dream was to become a general manager.

With the NFL Draft coming up, Cole asked Wilson what he thinks the Cardinals should do in the first round. Wilson was quick to make sure he was not speaking for the team or for Keim, but said, "With a pick that low I would probably say to trade down, probably pick up an extra third round pick."

He wouldn't commit to a player or a position. He simply said the Cardinals should draft the "best available."