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4/3 Arizona Cardinals news: Calling all (workout) volunteers!

Your daily news update of the Cardinals and NFL.

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It's a slow news day, so whoever guesses which Cardinals player is in the picture above gets an invisible high five.


Cardinals Blogs | With workouts, volunteering to be paid
Money can be a powerful tool.


The NFL can't let go of the 2010 draft -
Danny Kelly explains why 2010 was the most important draft in recent NFL history.

Ereck Flowers is a big dude who's a big NFL Draft prospect despite his technique -
University of Miami offensive tackle Ereck Flowers does a lot of things well in spite of less than perfect technique. Retired NFL defensive end Stephen White breaks down one of the draft's biggest blockers.

Rob Gronkoswski thinks CTE is the same as getting drunk -
Getting drunk is one of the most fun things people regularly do. Wilting away with crippling depression caused by brain damage is one of the least fun things people can do. Rob Gronkowski said they're pretty much the same thing.

2015 NFL Draft player rankings: Eric Kendricks tops the list of inside linebackers -
Few players are as complete at their positions as UCLA's Eric Kendricks. Because of that, he's the top inside linebacker in the draft this year.

Rise 'n Grind: The NFL's 4-city stadium shuffle rolls on -
Four cities, three teams -- someone is going to lose out in the league's race to Los Angeles.

Tony Romo thinks Greg Hardy deserves a 'second chance' -
The Cowboys quarterback was defending his team's decision to sign Greg Hardy this year.

Watch Bo Jackson patiently explain who he is to a teenager -
Apparently this isn't general knowledge anymore.

2015 NFL mock draft: Marcus Peters to Pittsburgh Steelers at No. 22 -
The Steelers were back atop the highly competitive AFC North in 2014, but they'll need talent upgrades in a few key spots as they effort to stay there.

2015 NFL mock draft: D.J. Humphries to Detroit Lions at No. 23 -
The Detroit Lions have undergone a bit of a facelift on the defensive line this offseason, but it's the offensive line that's receiving attention in our 2015 NFL mock draft.

2015 NFL mock draft: Preston Smith to Arizona Cardinals at No. 24 -
With 21 wins in two seasons under Bruce Arians, what will the Arizona Cardinals need to do to take the next step and become serious contenders in the NFC?

2015 NFL mock draft: Ereck Flowers to Carolina Panthers at No. 25 -
Is there any chance that the Panthers won't take an offensive tackle in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft? Our Panthers blogger was tempted to do pass on one, but ultimately didn't.

2015 NFL mock draft: Melvin Gordon to Baltimore Ravens at No. 26 -
Justin Forsett (1,266 rushing yards, 8 touchdowns) was one of the NFL's biggest surprises in 2014, but would the Ravens be able to pass on a prospect like Melvin Gordon even with Forsett re-signed?

2015 NFL mock draft: Kevin Johnson to Dallas Cowboys at No. 27 -
The Cowboys are probably going to replace DeMarco Murray in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft, right? Well, not necessarily.