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Super Bowl 50 odds: Arizona Cardinals considered a good bet

It's 25/1 right now, but that could go down to single digits with a strong start.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

It is still the offseason, but Las Vegas never stops working. The Arizona Cardinals started the offseason with 33/1 odds to win Super Bowl 50, which will be played in Levi's Stadium. After their first moves in  free agency, the odds went down to 25/1. But even at 25/1, according to an ESPN Insider article, Arizona is one of the best bets to make.

Writer Dave Tuley started off the offseason with the Pittsburgh Steelers as his "official pick," he thinks the Cardinals will see great success in 2015 and even shorten those odds, currently at 25/1, dramatically once the season begins.

Now Carson Palmer is back at QB with all of his same weapons. They lost two offensive linemen in free agency but replaced them with center A.Q. Shipley from Indy and left guard Mike Iupati. The defense has some new faces but should be among the league's best units again. We'll have to wait to see the schedule, but I wouldn't be surprised to see the Cardinals get off to another strong start, down to single digits and among the favorites again in the future book.

If you are the type to bet, now might be the time to place your wager, while the odds are a little bit long. 25/1 is a nice payout. Of course, it might also make sense to wait and see how the offseason and start of the season play out, as injuries or other things can derail things in a hurry.

Have things not changed? While the Cardinals have typically been a team ignored and mocked, now, with 21 wins in two years, they are a team the national media is beginning to respect. Let's hope things like this keep up.