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NFL Draft: Cardinals have some of the best picks in history

Over the history of the draft, there have been some good ones.

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As the Internet reaches to find content before the NFL Draft actually happens at the end of this month, CBS Sports put together quite a history. They gave a list of the best player at every pick in the draft. There are several Cardinals (Arizona and St. Louis) that make the list.

The first on the list is Dan Dierdorf, picked No. 43 in 1971. He was the best at that pick -- it makes sense because he is a Hall of Famer.

At No. 54, the best ever pick is Anquan Boldin. The article calls him "one of the game's premier possession receivers for over a decade."

A few picks later, at 59, is Aeneas Williams -- another Hall of Famer and one of my favorite Cardinals ever. He is the only Hall of Famer taken with the 59th pick.

Down to No. 110, we have another player that predates Arizona -- guard Conrad Dobler, one of the dirtiest players I have heard of.

At 147, Mel Gray, one of the league's best receivers in the 70s.

At 158, this best ever pick will smart. It is tight end Jay Novacek, who was a star at tight end...for the Dallas Cowboys after the Cardinals let him leave. *Sigh*.

At 177, the players who was the best at that draft slot was linebacker Dhani Jones...but he barely beat out guard Reggie Wells, who was a Cardinals draft pick and starter for several year. Wells was nothing special as a player, but this particular number apparently has no real special players.

At 189, it is center Tom Banks, who played 10 years and made four Pro Bowl for the Cardinals, drafted in 1970.

At No. 225, a former Cardinals is on the list -- defensive end Reuben Davis. He was drafted by the Bucs and traded to the Cardinals. The team hoped he would be an impact player. He was a disappointment, but did have 20.5 sacks in his career. Not bad considering where he was drafted.

The last former Cardinal mentioned was drafted by the Chargers and drafted No. 235. It is safety Michael Zordich. He played five seasons for the Cardinals and started for two and a half seasons, before getting jettisoned by Buddy Ryan.